How to win Jhandi Munda online in India

Winning Jhandi Munda may not be so easy and may require you to shed your blood, sweat, and tears to win.  

Every Indian loves this popular game, and many people find it challenging to win despite trying several methods. In this article, we will talk about the several winning strategies of the popular casino game of Jhandi Munda:

Simple strategies often can do wonders in Jhandi Munda and make you a winner

  • Stick to one symbol: experts reveal that sticking with one symbol can be more profitable than to play with several symbols. Hence stick to one symbol if you want to become a winner in Jhandi Munda.
  • Choose the right casino: Choosing the right casino can do wonders and can increase your payout percentage considerably. Hence you must choose the right casino if you are looking for higher returns. If you are dubious about this, you can consider checking the casino reviews and rating online to get a fair idea about the casino’s authenticity. Before choosing the right casino to play Jhandi Munda, you must consider two things. Firstly you must go okay in a safe casino, and second, you must play in a casino that will offer you a better payout percentage. If your casino is offering you both the things mentioned above, you can choose the same without a second thought.

winning strategy of Jhandi Munda

  • Research well: Researching well always works and helps you to win Jhandi Munda. You can check in to different online forums and check out the various strategies employed by the players. Alternatively, if you know of some players personally, you can check out their approach as well. You need to sure which strategy will work and which strategy will not before you start playing the game.
  • Know the rules well: this may sound like a simple strategy, and when somebody tells you that you must know the Jhandi Munda rules well, you will be like ”common, we already know this,” but this is not as simple as it sounds. Many players lack the proper knowledge of the rules of Jhandi Munda; hence even before you hit a casino, ensure that you have all the controls at your fingertips. Knowing the rules will give the confidence to try out different strategies. Knowing the rules will also help you in probability calculation.
  • Play the free versions if you are a beginner: If you are not sure about the rules of Jahndi Munda, or if you are just a novice player, then it would be better if you try your luck in the free versions initially. By playing the free versions, you will finally gain more confidence to test your luck in the paid versions.

Hence utilize the above strategies to win Jhandi Munda.



Chinese New Year Slot

Slots have gained huge popularity owing to the variations they offer and also due to the high pay-out options they provide to the players. Casinos keep experimenting with the slot themes, and even interesting themes are seen in the online casinos as well. In this particular article, we will talk about the Chinese New Year slot, which has gained huge popularity as the online slot.

Chinese new year slot

This slot is based on the Chinese New year or the Lunar new Year. The Chinese New Year is a fifteen-day annual festival in China which is generally celebrated between January 21 and February 20. The festivals last until the following full moon.

The beginning of the New Year is celebrated with huge pomp and show. Here one can witness Lion dances, dragon dances, fireworks, decorations and get together with friends and families. A set of animals are assigned in each year of the Chinese New Year, and each person has an animal depending on his zodiac sign.

In the Chinese New Year slots, these animals appear as symbols on the reels. This is highly popular with the gamblers, and they make a lot of money by placing their bets skilfully. A player can witness fifteen selectable pay lines, and he can win up to one hundred fifty times the total spin amount from this game.

You can witness the monkey symbol, the dragon symbol etc. and each zodiac animal determines how much money you can win. The tiger is considered as the wild symbol, and it offers the highest line pay out of five thousand coins. Monkey symbols trigger the free s///pins for you.

With the help of PlaynGo software, you can find a lot of Chinese new year slot games on the internet where you can get a flavour of the different festivities of Chinese New Year. Microgaming has also introduced Lucky Zodiac signs, and Betsoft has introduced the four seasons.  New Year SlotHence enjoy the amazing animations and great bonuses with this online slot. The amazing cartoon graphics will be so pleasing to the eyes. In some of the slots, even you can witness some of the characters in the animals.

You can enjoy amazing bonuses. Thus this themed slot acts as a one-stop solution and helps you get entertained as well as gives you an option to earn huge payouts. Hence spot your favorite site and start playing this interesting themed slot. You need to select the online casino carefully.

You must choose a casino that has a good rating; if you are dubious, you can check out the reviews and ratings on the internet. Also do not get carried away if you are a newbie, you must have good knowledge about your bankroll before betting. You must also read the terms and conditions carefully before placing your bet in the Chinese New Year slots.    

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